Record Keeping

Hans Abrahamsen’s 2008 work Schnee (German for ‘snow’) is a glittering and shiny—though rhythmically-complicated—work, consisting mainly of five canons, each presented in two differing orchestrations. While the music comes from a decidedly-modernist stance, to my ear it suggests musical patterns akin to ones I worry about every day; a sultry minor seventh chord here, major triads sprinkled there.

Record Keeping is the result of my meddling with Schnee. I limited myself to stealing choice harmonies and motives from a single canon, 1B, while also trying to preserve some of the rhythmic complexity. The title refers to the phrase “…since records were kept beginning in 1888,” a variant of which seems to preface every winter storm in New York. Record Keeping is dedicated to Cadillac Moon Ensemble and lasts about four minutes.

instrumentation flute, vibraphone, violin, and violoncello
premiere April 30, 2015, Cadillac Moon Ensemble
written February 2014
duration 4′

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