Industry Standard

When I was confronted with writing a new percussion quartet, I wanted to write a piece that sounded brash yet delicate, nasty and broken yet small and unified. Early on, I decided to eschew all pitched percussion instruments, focusing instead on a battery of drums, handheld instruments, and found objects. I grouped my instruments into four sections: ceramic, metal, glass, and wood. Every player would have setups comprising two sections each; the piece itself moves through different groupings as time goes on. The result, Industry Standard, moves from soft and delicate ceramic, wood, and glass sounds to a sparse, hypnotic section of wood, glass and metal, eventually reaching a driving, metallic, undanceable dance. Industry Standard is dedicated to Palladium Percussion, and lasts approximately 9 minutes.

Palladium Percussion Quartet

instrumentation 4 percussionists
premiere October 27, 2014, Frederick Loewe Theatre, NY, NY
written July 2014
duration 9′

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