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So I decided, finally, to make this space a sort of blog-thing. Maybe this will make everything look like I’m a real person with Something to Say, etc. In any case, I’ll try to write here relatively frequently about music, being the obvious choice, and also some bits about food, linguistix, and books will probably sneak in.

As an aside: I’ve retooled some sections of the website, including sorting my works page by ensemble type (it has this fun smooth scrolling situation!), and also there’s a new recording, by the fabulous Aya Terki, of No Matter What. So everybody should go check that out. And, everybody should put June 21 on their calendar for what is sure to be an excellent little concert sort of thing with Buck McDaniel & myself.

One's favo(u)rite meme.

One’s favo(u)rite meme.

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